Uberx, Uberblack And Private Chauffeurs: What's The Difference?

Since its inception, Uber has become synonymous with getting a taxi. We'll, figuratively. This taxi service has indeed made lives easier and taking a cab to anywhere is now just a click away. The best part? It is almost always cashless. All payments take place in the background, your credit card gets charged, and the driver gets paid without any effort from you. So even if you’re without any cash, you can still go wherever you want to go.

Uber offers several service levels which depend on the availability of cars. You may wonder why you should take an Uber and not just hire a private chauffeur since they provide the same service.

Wonder no more!

Here’s how we sum up the differences between UberX, UberBlack and hiring a Private Chauffeur service:


UberX is Uber's economically friendly car service. It includes regular cars that can carry up to 4 passengers. UberX is the least expensive and most popular Uber service around. UberX cars are expected to fit at least four passengers in one ride. Car brands available with the UberX include the Honda Accord and the Toyota Prius although several sedans are available as an UberX pick. Across Europe, UberX is commonly called UberPop.


Uber also has in its system a luxury service. UberBlack is one such luxury service. It is much more expensive than the UberX. On selecting the UberBlack service as your choice option, Uber will send a black car to your location to pick you up. The popularity surrounding UberBlack results from the fact that it is a luxury service. Most affluent members of society would rather go for the UberBlack than the UberX.

The cars are all insured and registered commercially as expected of a luxury sedan. The UberBlack is usually used by businesses and includes cars like Cadillac's, Lincolns and Mercedes. The typical UberBlack is supposed to contain up to five passengers easily.

Private Chauffeurs

Provides both driver and vehicle for hire.

With Uber, no matter the service level, you are linked to individual drivers using their cars, not Uber's, not yours, through the Uber App. Private Chauffeurs, on the other hand, are drivers hired to drive you around. You are hiring a driver for whatever length of time to take you and your family around perhaps because you're tired of handling the wheel and just want to enjoy the comfort of being driven around. It is the perfect solution. With this service, you're assured of the comfort of the vehicle as you're making use of your car.

Each service has its benefits and what you choose depends on what you can afford and the occasion.

Get a quote with Executive Sedan Services TODAY, and we can help make all the difference in your chauffeuring experience with a private car service.

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